Doug Wisor

2013 Doug Wisor Memorial Scholarship
APPLICATIONS close Sunday, 3 November, 2013

Doug Wisor was a brilliant young American born winemaker at Craggy Range Winery who passed away in New Zealand following a tragic kite surfing accident. During his time with Craggy Range, Doug made some of the finest wines New Zealand has seen.

The Scholarship, administered by the American Australian Association, supports a young American winemaker to travel to New Zealand to intern at Craggy Range Winery for a vintage. The Doug Wisor Memorial Fund will provide return airfares from the US, whilst Craggy Range will provide accommodation and a modest salary for the duration of the vintage, which runs from approximately March until May 2014. The recipient will also be given the opportunity to tour New Zealand's diverse wine regions at the completion of their internship.

Previous winners and Nathan Littlejohn, 2012 scholarship recipient, have shared their experiences of working a vintage at Craggy Range Winery. From Nathan:

"The excitement and firefly-like energy the New Zealand wine industry has snowballing at the moment is seemingly limitless.  From the juvenility in the geology and the myriad of soil profiles as an effect, to the significant micro and macro climate disparities and corresponding diurnal shifts, and the people who so passionately desire for NZ Wine Industry at large to reach its full potential, I can safely say New Zealand has an electric spirit unequal to any place I have been."

"It comes as no surprise Doug's choice to live, grow, learn and shape Craggy Range with Steve Smith to the level of esteem it carries around the world today."

"The Doug Wisor Scholarship far exceeded my already high expectations of an experience interlaced with lasting memories, fruitful knowledge, well-founded staunch relationships, Kiwi beers and wool.  There is no opportunity in the world where one can be exposed to the spectrum of knowledge and ever-lasting relationships like the Doug Wisor Scholarship."

Thoughts from previous recipients, and a brief video can be found at:

Selection Criteria:
- Applicant should demonstrate intellect, vision, innovation and practical experience in winemaking.
- Demonstrate why an overseas internship would be important in career development.
- Explanation of mutual benefits likely to both the applicant and vineyard.
- Applications must be clear, concise and easily understandable.
- Please include contact details for at least one recent wine industry referee.

Application Process:
A detailed resume together with an essay outlining the reasons why the applicant wants to work a vintage in New Zealand should be submitted by Sunday 3 November 2013.

Applications and enquiries should be forwarded by email to:
Lucy Harel -
For further information on Craggy Range Winery visit:

CONTACT: Lucy Harel +1 (818) 605 1477